Web hosting features to consider when choosing hosting service

Choosing hosting provider

Each hosting service offers its own unique features.
When choosing a hosting service, you need to understand exactly which type of features you might need – As for each user the needs will be different.

Below there is some of the Top features you should consider when choosing your hosting provider.

Customer support

It may not be the first thing popping in your mind, but this is really important.
While every web hosting company does offer company support – not all of them are at the same level.

If you are not a techy person, dealing with all the technical stuff of building a website can be terrifying.
If this is the case, it’s super important to choose a friendly user interface with the best customer support out there.

companies like Hostgator, SiteGround and BlueHost are some of the top-rated in customer support teams as we describe before.

Website builder

If you need a design tool, some of the hosting provide free high-quality website builders with a lot of well-designed templates inside.

It can save you some money, and definitely can provide an easier experience overall. Hostgator and Hostinger are some of the best options in this manner.


It is one of the important things to look at.
There isn’t a single factor that determines which hosting provider is more secure.

Most of the hosting providers offer some sort of security, and this is the elements you should track off:
Firewalls, Ddos protection, Virus protection, spam filters, SSL certificate ( A must-have, most of the providers give you free SSL in the starter plan).


You should choose a hosting provider that you can rely on to keep your website up.
Speed – Website loading time is one of the key metrics of why you might have a high bounce rate.

SiteGround has is one of the hosting provider’s examples that provides a great performance speed.


Estimation of your website traffic is a key when understanding which hosting package to pick., But as for now, most of the hosting providers offer unlimited plans.

If you choose a hosting provider that does not offer an unlimited plan – Just make sure you estimate the amount of traffic you are going to get and choose a plan accordingly.

Those are an example of features you want to look at when choosing a web hosting company to host your site.
Each user has its own needs, and we recommend you take a look at our hosting comparison table for a clear look at the features different hosting providers have.
Click here to view our hosting comparison table.

Choosing your hosting option

There are a couple of main different hosting options.

Shared hosting

In shared hosting, many websites utilize one server.
Your websites and other users’ websites share servers, CPU, and all the resources the hosting provides based on your plan.

Shared hosting is the way to go for any blogger, smaller business, and eCommerce shop.
It is the cheapest hosting option, you can upgrade your plan whenever you want and it’s not requiring a lot of technical skills.

VPS Web hosting

VPS, or virtual private server, As shared hosting, host many users in one server.
The difference? Each user (website) has its own private resources.

This is much safer and stable which allows your website to separate from other sites.
This is also much more affordable than having an entire server.
Those options are best chosen by medium level site traffic, that the shared hosting plans is not enough for them where they currently are.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a type of hosting option that you “rent” an entire server, without any other user sharing that server.
This option is much more flexible than shared hosting as it gives you control of the servers, operating system, hardware and etc… This may be unnecessary for the majority of the small business/ bloggers and small eCommerce shop.


WordPress is an optimized shared hosting for users who run WordPress sites.
It offers features specifically to improve WordPress performance such as speed, security, reliability, etc.
It is highly recommended to anyone that created his website on WordPress.

Once we covered the basic, now its the time to decide which hosting provider you should choose.
Click the button below to get access to our full compression table with our top-rated hosting picks for 2020!

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