• Better security features
  • Innovative plugin tools
  • Easy to access
  • Lacks good Value Per Price
  • Lacks traditional cPanel

Why WpEngine?

WpEngine is a new platform for website hosting and is evolving rapidly. The company claimed itself to be a new breed of tech platforms formed out of innovation. Headquartered in Texas, the platform is dedicated to bringing quality service in fabricating websites and apps on WordPress. Being an opportunity giving platform, it has a majority of women workers in its team.

Powered By WpEngine


WpEngine comes with unique tools that make it distinct from the other platforms. To know more in detail, below listed are some impressive tools.

1. Automated WpEngine migration

The most appealing feature of WpEngine is its migration facility. The migration is facilitated by a Migration Plugin Tool which allows you to migrate your WordPress site to WpEngine. It can be done easily from any other host in the market. To operate this plugin tool, you won’t have to be a techie. All you have to do is enter the information, and rely on the tool. You’ll be able to migrate your site within a few minutes.

2. Staging Site feature

If you have an existing site, testing some tools might knock your curiosity. This is when you should stag your site. When you stag a site, there becomes two identical sites: the staging site, and the original site. In simple words, the staging site is a doppelganger of the original site. Making changes to this site is done to foresee after going live on the original site. Test out new plugins, updated security features, and new themes without any mess.

3. Copy Site Feature

The Copy Site Feature is most beneficial to skilled developers. If you are a freelancing or full-time developer, this feature will help you create more sites. It enables you to clone the pre-made site for these customers. Moreover, you can add new features by customizing it to your best. All you have to do is discard the previous content and structure, and you’re done. This feature is an easy-to-use tool that can be operated by some clicks.

4. Billing Transfer

The main motive of being a developer, or an e-commerce site is to earn credit. This is where billing methods come into play. Most agencies face the repeated problems of getting credit card info and sign-ups. With the billing transfer feature Agencies and Developers can create all their sites within the official portal. Managing the customer’s hosting account won’t be an issue further. Now, they can only concentrate on content creation.

5. Site Backups

Many ignore the significance of backups. But when it is needed they regret. With the automatic data backup of WpEngine, your valuable data will never be lost. However, there are two backup systems available on the platform namely on-demand backups and daily backups. All data is restored in a different location other than your side. This facility ensures that there is no hassle on operating your site. The so-called data includes file systems, database snapshots, and Media Library.


Uptime and page speed are two aspects that reveal the performance of any site. To check the performance, it is best to collect the uptime records before months. In general, all web hosting platforms claim the same uptime. The are many third-party uptime checkers to evaluate the final output. On evaluating the uptime, we found an impressive result of 99.99% in the past 24 months. Another minimal percent change is generally found in the maintenance in site keeping.

Just like uptime, there are many third party page speed checkers. On checking the page speed of WpEngine with Pingdom, we found the result to be 750ms. For a more accurate result, we selected Kinstar. On checking the page speed, we found the result to be 643 MS. This page speed is quite decent for a web hosting site and is enough to boost its ranking on the Google search ranking. 

Plans And Pricing

Just like many other web hosting sites, WpEngine has three basic plans for its customer’s requirements. Plans start at $25 per month where users get benefits like 50 GB bandwidth 10 GB storage with one site. So, if you are a beginner who is struggling to build a blog, this plan will meet your needs. There are other 2 plans for the increasing demands of their sides clients. We found the pricing to be relatively more in contrast to its adversaries.

Customer Support

The customer care executives of WpEngine are a group of talented WordPress experts. There are two main features to receive customer support. If you have any query search it on the Knowledge Base. WpEngine’s knowledge base consists of FAQs, and walkthroughs laid out by experts. However, you can also connect to a real executive in the chat option. There is no option for Telecomm, but you’ll receive the reply in less than 5 minutes.

Ease Of Use

WP engine is an easy to use web hosting platform. The main dashboard is concise and catching for all those who are familiar with WordPress. You can easily backup your data in the form of media snapshots, or files. The backup process is automated and happens daily without any external effort. As mentioned above, the billing system is hassle-free, and reliable too.


WP engine provides top-notch security to its users. It provides an SSL / TLS certificate to the users to make their sites more secure. Besides, an SSL certificate is considered to be a ranking factor in Google’s search engine. This platform scans your site for cyber threats like viruses and malware daily. Moreover, it offers free support for clients who suspects any unauthorized activity on their site. There aren’t any security complaints, and you’ll find none for sure.

Value Per Price

WpEngine is a costly web hosting platform for beginners. Another web hosting site like Dreamhost and Bluehost provides a very low-priced starter plan. For instance, in WpEngine, the $25/month starter plan offers 10GB SSD. This amount of SSD storage can be available at just $2.99 in Bluehost. So, this site has a low value per price for beginners.

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