• Easy to use interface
  • Immediate customer response
  • Organized security system
  • Fast page speed
  • Absence of traditional cPanel
  • Customer service lacks telecommunication
  • Charges extra payment for additional domains

Why Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the pioneering forces in the web hosting industry. Bootstrapped in 2004, the platform allows its users to create any website for free.

Powered by Hostinger

Hostinger serves a wide range of 29 million users and has its firm hosting grip over 178 countries. The subscription rate for this platform is very high with 15,000 new-sign ups every day. In other words, a new client subscribes Hostinger in every 5 seconds.


Hostinger is a feature-loaded web hosting platform. Ranging from cloud hosting to Email hosting, it gets you served. To be detailed is the best. Therefore, we’ve mentioned its features in detail.

1. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is reliable and fast in Hostinger. The control panel is ergonomic for cloud hosting in which you can manage your server easily. You’ll get a dedicated IP address with additional features like RAM, CPU, and SSD storage facilities. Hostinger uses cloudlinux with LVE containers. Each container has the potential to keep the hosting secure and in good hands.

2. E-mail Hosting

If you are a new blogger or a business tycoon, you must try Hostinger’s e-mail hosting. Searching for e-mails is hassle-free which is manipulated by Flocksearch. Moreover, you can host meetings with up to 50 people. Things are even better when you can check their availability.

3. Shared Hosting

To take your digital ambitions to new heights, you’ll need a reliable hosting platform. Shared hosting in Hostinger is economic and easy to manipulate. It is the best place to start and is suitable for any website. Allocated resources include setting template designs with many recommended plugging.  

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4. VPS Hosting

Hostinger also offers an easy to use virtual private server hosting. With the VPS control panel, managing your server becomes easy by few clicks. You can easily reboot, install a new OS, trace server stats, and conduct other functions with ease. All you have to do is backup and restore the VPS container with Hostinger’s VPS control panel.

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Plans And Pricing

Pricing is where users need a reasonable explanation. So, Hostinger has one for you. Shared web hosting plans start only at $0.99/month. Facilities such as free SSL certificate, 100GB limited bandwidth are included in the pack. Furthermore, it has three shared hosting plans for beginners, amateurs, and professional businessmen in total. So, if you are a beginner, the starter pack will serve you more than enough.

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Similarly, there are three plans for cloud hosting. These plans are Startup, Professional, and global. Users can access to Hostinger’s cloud service for unlimited bandwidth across innumerable websites. Besides, you can also get access to WordPress hosting. You should check out the individual plan details and the features being offered.  So, get your site managed at reasonable prices. 

This platform charges you according to your necessities. If you are a starter, we recommend you to invest less. Always visit the official website for plans and pricing, as it might change over time.

VPS Hosting Plans


Hostinger has outstanding performance records in the web hosting market. This is the most plausible explanation for client fascination. We recorded a portion of its encouraging reports that makes it qualified to flourish in the advanced world.

1. Page speed

As we all might know, Page speed is one of the most critical components for positioning in Google’s pursuit list. Hostinger has a quick page speed than its adversaries. In recent years, the speed has scored 100 out of 100 in the Google Page speeds insights tool. This improvement has made it qualified to be in Google’s highest rundown.

2. Uptime

Hostinger shows a pretty good record in its Uptime. On checking the result, we found it to be around 99.95. Being a hosting platform,  we think this to be a pretty good figure. Well, there may be minor times of upkeep, causing to close the frameworks down. All things considered, you can confide in this site for its announcements on Uptime.

Customer Support

The trust and reliability of a web hosting platform depend on its customer service Unavailability of a responsible customer care team might cost you your investments. In such cases, Hostinger doesn’t let its users complain. The main support system is Intercom, and they have a multilingual customer support team. You can only have a live chat when you’re logged in to any account. However, you can’t do so otherwise because they have a tight schedule in handling various issues. Responses are fast, and we’re able to connect with the team in just two minutes.

Ease Of Use

If you are a novice to the digital world, Hostinger is the place where you should be. Its users get access to a concise easy-to-use interface.  All information is present in the same location. The interface is also WordPress friendly and provides hosting accordingly. This makes tasks like logins, updating billing information, managing domains to be a mere job of seconds. However, you won’t have the authentic cPanel, but you’ll find everything in one glance.


Hostinger is loaded with advanced security systems. Some of the modules are Apache mod security, Suhosin PHP, PHP open protection, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about cyber threats like Malware, Trojans, and viruses. However, we recommend you to handle some basic measures by yourself.

Value Per Price

Overall, Hostinger is a value for money platform highly dedicated to newcomers. Perhaps, there isn’t another platform that provides $0.99 on shared web-hosting. Domain transfers, hosting plans, and SSL certificates are some refundable assets under the first 30 days of use. You’ll be charged extra for additional domains. Don’t worry, for it is has a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we do recommend Hostinger. Due to versatility and good customer response, Hostinger deserves to be our recommendation. Besides, it has many positive customer reviews which will compel you to be one of its customers. To have more detailed information about Hostinger, click on the tab below.

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