• Easy to use control panel
  • Quick customer support response
  • Better records of uptime
  • Strong security features
  • Charges extra for security services
  • Had a weak past reputation

Why Hostgator?

Hostgator is one of the most recognized and dedicated web hosting platforms available. It was founded in October 2002 by an entrepreneur named Brent Oxley. Till 2006, the company was headquartered in Florida. Then, the company shifted its headquarters to Houston, Texas. In the same year, the HostGator inaugurated its first international office in Canada

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Just like other web hosting services, HostGator provides the same, but with some twists. The platform is feature-loaded and has no room for doubts. To make the feature more specific, read the description below.

1. Shared Web Hosting

HostGator’s shared hosting is simple yet versatile. Compared to its adversaries, the platform has a vast collection of tools to customize your site. Amongst the tools, we found the “One-Click Installation” to be the most effective. The tool is available on all web hosting plans which allows you to create any type of website. So, whether you want to establish a personal blog or an e-commerce website, you’ll get it served.

2. VPS Hosting

Hostgator is an ideal platform for VPS hosting. It provides all the benefits of faculties without the cost of a dedicated server to its users. The virtual server is completely autonomous and is fully allocated to your site. You can also manage your site totally by custom install and configuration by VPS hosting. Host unlimited domains, sub-domains, or email address, it’s all up to you.

3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is reliable and fast in Hostgator. The control panel is ergonomic for cloud hosting in which you can manage your server easily. You’ll get a dedicated IP address with additional features like RAM, CPU, and SSD storage facilities. Hostgator Cloud Features: Integrated Caching,Intuitive Dashboard,Resource Management,Automated Failover,Data Mirroring,cPanel

4. Reseller Hosting


3. WordPress Hosting

Hostgator has a WordPress cloud interface that minimizes your efforts on understanding traditional web hosting. You can easily restore your backup files automatically with one click. The feature is also configurable for full snapshot backups. Accessing your email accounts is hassle-free, unlike traditional web hosting platforms. Moreover, the one-click scalability allows you to handle your website traffic.

3. Website Builder

Hostgator website builder is one of the best facilities for constructing a website. It offers a list of features like professional templates, images, and e-commerce resources. Moreover, the platform provides free hosting and a free domain for new subscribers. Your experience will turn to be more simple with the drag and drop feature. All you have to do is select a preset template, and drag and drop new elements. If you want to build an e-commerce website, the built-in Shopping Cart function helps. Just add the products and shopping cart, and there you go!

Plans And Pricing:

Being one of the most affordable web hosting platforms, Hostgator offers several plans for its users. The platform releases 3 plans for each faculty. You can get access to its web hosting plans at just $2.95/month. The corresponding plan is the “hatchling plan,” mainly designed for novices. You can create a free domain and unlimited emails under this plan. Moreover, there are two more successive plans designed to meet your ever-growing demands.

The company offers free migration, unlimited bandwidth, and other irresistible offers. Along with this plan, there are two more successive plans for more requirements.


In the past decade, HostGator performance has been remarkably enhanced. The uptime records are very consistent ranging from 99.98-100% for months. The most probable reason for this accuracy is their commitment. If the uptime drops below 99.90%, the platform issues 1-month free credit to their users’ accounts. So, an uptime drop below that range is very rare. However, the process does not happen on its own. To receive the benefit you must file a complaint to their consumer service. The minimal percent difference is due to necessities like site maintenance.

As we all might know, page speed is an important factor to rank in the Google search list. This is where HostGator reigns among its adversaries. We found the server speed to be 691ms, which is quite impressive for a web hosting service.

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Customer support

Hostgator has one of the most reliable and trustworthy customer support teams in this industry. Services include 24/7 telecommunication, fax, and live chat support. Unlike some other web-hosting platforms, chat support isn’t carried out by bots. The system is convenient, and the support team is very experienced in their field. So, we would like to rate a full star for the platform’s support. However, there is an additional “knowledge base” that contains many FAQs. Still, if you didn’t get a solution, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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Ease of use

The HostGator platform is specially fabricated for beginners. On operating on this site you will encounter many tutorials and walkthroughs that will help your navigation. Building a new website in the website builder is very easy. The templates are customizable and are suitable, to begin with. It has the traditional cPanel embedded that allows you to manage multiple sites. If you want to build an eCommerce site, HostGator has an e-commerce plan for you. Set up a fully operating online store by setting attractive templates without any mess.


HostGator doesn’t compromise with security. The platform has security features like SiteLock, Spam Assassin, and many others. You can easily manipulate your site’s safety using the SiteLock. It will function on your site daily and will keep site breaches, or hack attempts at bay. For your email safety, you have Spam Assassin. It resists spam and malware from hitting your mailbox. Thus, safety is served in HostGator.

Value Per Price

The value per price is laid in contrast to plans and pricing. As stated above, the cheapest plan starts from $2.95/month. Moreover, a free SSL certificate will be credited to each domain and current cPanel platform users. It is more dedicated and targeted towards every faculty. You ought to visit the website to know the price at which you can build your e-commerce website. There is probably no other web hosting service that provides such value for entrepreneurs. But, there is a price upsurge for security features. So, you can depict HostGator to be a value per price platform.

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One of the easiest interface to use. HostGator also got a 99.99% uptime guarantee and much more features in their starter plan then the rest of the web hosting providers. Make sure to click the buttons below to learn more about HostGator