• User-friendly interface
  • Good value for money
  • Good customer support
  • Top-notch performance
  • Customer care lacks telecommunication
  • Lacks servers outside the US
  • Starter plan lacks professional email set-up

Why Dreamhost ?

Dreamhost is one of the most recognized web-hosting platforms on the internet.
The company was founded in 1996, and owned by New Dream Network.
Its headquarters are rooted in the heart of California.

The platform also offers cloud computing and domain registrar facilities since 2012.
By 2016, the company had over 200 employees fulfilling the requirements of 400,000 customers. 

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Dreamhost is a feature-loaded web hosting service.
Before you invest your efforts in this platform, know every feature in detail.
For a detailed understanding, we listed the most important ones below. 

  1. Shared Hosting 

Whether you own a business website, or a blog, Dreamhost’s user-friendly interface will serve you the best.
You can set attractive templates and custom designs with plugins.
The company claims that its shared hosting is specially designed for beginners.
We found the statement to be valid in most aspects. 

  1. Domain Registrar 

Besides hosting packages, Dreamhost also has the authority to provide domains.
All you have to do is search for an available domain and register.
The domain search tool makes it even easier to search availability and price for a domain.
Moreover, Dreamhost also provides unlimited sub-domains for free. 

  1. SSL Certificate 

All websites need to possess an SSL certificate.
This allows the users to access a secure connection under the HTTPS concord.
Besides, an SSL certificate is a Google ranking factor.
Dreamhost will authorize you with an SSL certificate that needs to be renewed periodically. 

  1. E-mail Hosting

Dreamhost also provides E-mail hosting services to its users. This hosting service allows you to store your emails in a vast 25GB virtual mailbox.
It can be easily synchronized in mobile and desktop modes.

Moreover, your mails will be secured from all cyber threats like viruses, Trojans, and malware. 

  1. VPN Hosting 

With Dreamhost’s ergonomic virtual console, you can easily manage the VPS hosting services.
The platform has the US-based VPS that allows you unhindered browsing.
Moreover, the platform uses a Linux-Vserver that will secure your RAM and CPU. 

Plans And Pricing 

Dreamhost provides its users with a lot of options to choose from.
Each plan is categorized by keeping the public demands into account.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a blog starter, Dreamhost has appealing packages for its facilities.
The platform provides plans for its Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and the Dreampress CMS.
Users can choose their monthly or annual subscriptions. 

The monthly subscription is for users who want to try out the platform.
Coming to the Shared hosting plan, the starter pack can be accessed at just $2.95.

You’ll be benefited with features like unlimited traffic, fast SSD storage, pre-installed WordPress, free SSL certificate, and unmetered bandwidth.
This makes the starter pack more than enough to work with.

But, if you want more, we recommend you to opt for Share unlimited.
It has more features than the limited starter pack.
Just like the previous faculty, there are categorized plans for VPS hosting and Dreampress.
Overall, Dreamhost is a value for money platform that is worth every penny you pay for. 


Dreamhost has one of the best performance records in the web hosting industry.
This is the most probable reason behind its customer attraction.
We listed some of its progress reports that makes it worthy to thrive in the digital world. 

  1. Page speed 

Page speed is one of the most crucial factors for ranking in Google’s search list.
Dreamhost has a fast page speed than its rivals.

Over the past 2 years, the speed has significantly risen to 648ms.
This improvement has made it worthy to be in Google’s topmost list.

  1. Uptime

Dreamhost claims a 100% uptime. However, that might be impractical for an exclusive analysis.
There might be minor periods of maintenance, causing to shut the systems down.
Still, you can trust this site for its statements on Uptime. 

Customer Support 

Dreamhost’s customer support team is available from 9 pm-5 pm PT.
Dreamhost provides the chat mode of communication.

Chats are convenient where you’ll have to answer some pre-set questions. It doesn’t hold telecommunication, but you can expect a reliable mode of communication.
Moreover, the chat algorithm isn’t less than a fast call.
Getting responses from customer care executives is even possible during business holidays.

DreamHost offers also a well-written tutorials and articles to solve most of the common problems that do not require special help in their knowledge base.

As a whole, we would like to rate a 4/5 star for customer support.
The unavailability of the phone as a medium to connect has deducted 1 star.
However, they are transparent enough to declare their available options. 

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Ease Of Use

Dreamhost’s control panel is ergonomic and can be understood in no time.
The platform doesn’t use the authentic cPanel but has its developed model.

It has a WordPress friendly interface.
So, if you are familiar with WordPress, you don’t have to struggle to understand.
The infrastructure for WordPress is noteworthy as Dreamhost provides WordPress optimized servers.
They also have a dedicated team of WordPress experts to help you out whenever you need it.

Instructions on each faculty are clear and concise which enables all users to proceed with confidence.
It also has a drag and drop template feature for hassle-free editing.
Thus, we would like to rate a full star rating for Dreamhost’s ease of use. 

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When it comes to security, Dreamhost spares no expense.
It has many tools like Malware remover, free SSL/TLS certificates, free domain privacy, and many more.

A malware remover is an innovative tool.
On enabling, it scans the customer’s entire encrypted data for cyber threats.
If found, the customer gets notified, and the tool immediately eliminates the threat.
So, this is what we expected from a 25-year old web-hosting platform. 

Final Thoughts

All customers are in pursuit of value for money platform.
Dreamhost is the platform where all requirements are fulfilled.

However, a large proportion of users are beginners.
We highly recommend it for those planning to set their wings on the vast digital sky.

We tried our best to bring transparency in front of you.
But, it would be best if you check the features by yourself.
To know more about Dreamhost, check the full features below. 

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